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Located at 7801 Audubon Rd, Chanhassen, MN 55317


What’s There at the Paisley Park?: Things to See
Paisley Park is a recording studio, estate and private residence in Chanhassen, Minnesota. It was established by musician Prince in the mid-1980s as both an artistic and business venture. The Paisley Park complex includes his home where he lived until his death on April 21st 2016, multiple sound stages, studios, galleries and office buildings with residential areas for staff members.
The Paisley Park is a popular tourist destination that is home to a variety of different things to see. From the beautiful gardens to the fascinating exhibits, there’s something for everyone at this attraction. Here are some of the top things to see at the Paisley Park:

1. The Gardens
The gardens at the Paisley Park are just one of the many things to see at this popular attraction. The main gardens consist of multiple fountains, ponds and waterfalls that run throughout the property along with flowerbeds filled with colorful plants.
2. Recording Studio
The recording studio at Paisley Park is where Prince hosted small concerts for his friends and recorded most of his music. The studio is open for tours and features some of Prince’s unique recording equipment.
3. Paisley Park Archives
The Paisley Park Archives is a repository for all things Prince. It features a collection of his awards, clothes, instruments, art and more. Visitors can view it all and learn about the legacy of Prince and his songs.
4. Private Residence
The private residence at Paisley Park is where Prince lived until he died in 2016. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of this part of the building that includes some exhibits on his life and music, as well as glimpses into what it was like for him to live and work there.
5. The Purple Rain Exhibit
The main exhibit at the Paisley Park is the Purple Rain Exhibit. This collection features Prince’s outfits, instruments, awards and more from his iconic film “Purple Rain”. Visitors can view a recreation of his home stage set up in a large hall and learn about the making of the movie.
6. The Parade Room
The Parade Room is a large hall where Prince would have parties and performances. It features a dance floor, stage and video screens. Visitors can explore this room and see how it was used for special events.
7. The NPG Music Club
The NPG Music Club is a small performance space at the Paisley Park that was used by Prince and his friends. It’s open for tours and visitors can see the equipment he used there, as well as some of his awards.
8. The Studio B Gallery
Studio B Gallery is a small art gallery at the Paisley Park that features exhibits from Prince and his friends. Visitors can explore this space and enjoy the works of local artists that are displayed there.
9. The Record Room
The Record Room is an office space where Prince kept his awards, musical equipment, memorabilia and more. It’s open for tours along with other parts of the Paisley Park complex.
10. Coffee Shop
People who want to take a break from all the exploring can head to the coffee shop at the Paisley Park. This small cafe offers drinks and light snacks for visitors.

People who want to learn more about Prince and his music should visit the Paisley Park. This popular attraction is home to a variety of different things to see, including gardens, recording studios, private residences and more. There’s something for everyone at this attraction, so be sure to check it out during your next visit to Minnesota!