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What to Pack for a Motown Museum Tour: Essential Items

A visit to the Motown Museum is a must for any music lover. The tour includes a look at the Motown House and Studio, where many of your favorite music artists recorded classic hits.
The museum also has beautiful gardens and a tribute to Rosa Parks, who got her start in Detroit. The tour takes about 90 minutes and is very fun for all ages.

Here are some things you can bring to make your visit more enjoyable:

1. Comfortable Shoes
The museum is large and there is a lot of walking involved in the tour. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that will allow you to walk comfortably.
2. A Camera
There are plenty of photo opportunities at the Motown Museum, so make sure to bring your camera! You will also receive a discount on any photos you would like to purchase after the tour.
3. Cash
There are several concessions at the museum, however they only accept cash. Make sure to come prepared with extra money for souvenirs or snacks.
4. Water
There are water fountains located throughout the museum, so come prepared with a refillable water bottle.
5. Sunscreen / Pregnant Women
The Motown Museum is located in Southwest Detroit, which can be very sunny and hot during the summer months. Make sure to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of fluids on your visit, especially if you are pregnant.
6. A Friend or Family Member
The museum has a strict no photography policy, so it is best to have an adult handle the camera while you are on the tour. If you are under 18, make sure to bring along an older family member or friend who can help take photos for you.
7. A Small Bag
While your belongings will be safe at the museum, it is always a good idea to bring a small bag to carry your items in. This will free up your hands so you can enjoy the tour.
8. A Pen
The Motown Museum offers interactive exhibits and activities, which require you to write down your responses. Make sure to bring a pen with you to make the most of your tour.
9. Small Bills
The Motown Museum offers a discount if you purchase one of their photographs after the tour, however they only accept cash. A lot of the concessions and vending machines at the museum also require small bills for payment, so make sure to come prepared!
10. An Open Mind
The Motown Museum is a place where you can learn about the history of Detroit and the Motown Records label. Be prepared to have your mind open to new information and enjoy the experience!
11. A Sense of History
Motown is an incredibly important part of music history. The museum is a great place to learn more about the origins of Motown and the artists who made it famous. If you’re not familiar with the music, this is a perfect opportunity to learn more about it.
12. A Sense of Fun
The Motown Museum is a fun and informative place for people of all ages.
Make sure to have fun on the tour!

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