Two Thumbs up (I’m biased)
Overall Score – 94 out of 100 ( 9 out of 10)
I love movies and I have always particularly loved mafia stuff. This is a lot like a sequel to Goodfellas. It’s the same kind of movie just telling the story of different mafia characters. From the moment this movie started it reminded me of Goodfellas. The long establishing shot the Scorsese dialogue. And of yeah it’s Robert De Niro again. If I had two complaints with this movie. Why did they need to give De Niro blue contacts? That’s just jarring. I’ll never get used to it. And why did it have to be three and a half hours long. Really it felt like the movie ended and they kept going with the story. It was like hey here are some extra little details we don’t want you to miss because we love you so much. This should have been a three hour movie. But to be honest it’s so entertaining that you don’t realize how incredibly long the film is. Three hours a d thirty minutes. yes you read that correctly.

Acting – 5
Story – 5
Entertainment – 4
Enjoyment – 4
Screenplay – 4
Cinematography – 5
Characters – 5
Plot Holes – 5
Production Value – 5
Overall – 5
Overall Score – 94

I had a little trouble trying to understand how the CGI worked. They didn’t de-age the actors to how they looked in 1990 when Goodfellas was made. Imagine that was actually thirty years ago. So I had to remind myself that these guys are actually well into their seventies.
The interesting thing was that the Joe Pesci character was supposed to be a generation older than the De Niro character. IT made me wonder did they have to bribe Pesci with playing the mob boss to do the film?

The other interesting thing is that both Pacino and De Niro played irish characters and not Italian characters. I’m not sure I would have cast two of the best and most recognizable Italian actors of the century as Irish. But it works.

I watched the film and i kept pn the look out for Soprano actors making cameos. And I thought I caught one but I wasn’t sure. Steven Van Zandt himself played a very old singer,Jerry Vale. I thought it was him but he is also 70 years old this year. I didn’t remember Kathrine Narducci from there. I had recently seen her in the tv show Power.

And the music was incredible. No one picks songs for mafia films like Scorsese. the sound track totals 60 minutes long. My favorite is “I hear you knocking.”

I have to wonder how much money this film would have made if they let it have a 75 day window in the cinemas. I actually tried to go see it before it streamed on netflix but the projector was broken. so on top of the limited release. It only played at independent theaters. None of the big theaters would touch it. And who knows how many of those other indie theaters also suffered from projector problems. I’m so upset I vowed to never go to that theater again. I don’t care if they serve food and have recliners. I don’t like theaters that are like my home theater. I like theaters that are more like imax. AKA cinacapri if you live in phoenix. Even the alamo draft house theaters in Austin they are building them like real theaters not home movie rooms.