Today major league baseball played the first ever professional game in England. It was the first time American baseball had been played in Europe. What an incredible game it was? They really went all out. The stadium looked amazing. I had never seen both teams pound pitchers like that. I wonder if they will come up with a theory why it was like playing at Coors Field in Denver. The yankees and redox’s combined for 6 homers. Sure the centerfield wall wasn’t very far back. But there are major league parks that have shorter fences including Boston, Wrigley field and Philadelphia and none of those three teams are leading the majors in homers. The game was played as if it was a Boston home game. They got last licks and they also got to play a traditional song in the 8th inning.

I’m not sure how many people at the game came from Boston or the US. I know I have been in bars when the song has been played and everyone enjoyed the song. It struck me how into the song the audience was. An audience of almost sixty thousand people most of them had to be British. This is a song from 1969. It’s fifty years old. And I will add it stands up. It doesn’t sound dated like Elvis or Beatles songs from the time period.

I personally find it interesting that they play the song. It’s a tribute to the Kennedy family that is still so popular in New England. Neil Diamond admitted right before Carolyn Kennedy’s fiftieth birthday that it was written to her and then was invited to perform it. I find it a great subject for a song. She was 11 when the song came out but had left the white house five years earlier. Like most first families when they leave the white house they get forgotten.

This wasn’t the case. ┬áIn my opinion the fact that JFK was assassinated had something to do with his lasting legend. The fact that his brother who was such an important part of the JFK administration was running for office and shot probably put Carolyn back in the eyes of America. I assume we watched this poor little girl attended two funerals. One for her father and one for her uncle. Robert F. Kennedy was shot June 6, 1968 so it makes sense that was probably about the time Neil Diamond wrote the song.

Thanks england for honoring one of our great families. Thanks for hosting the game and allowing us to enjoy a great song on both sides of the pond.