This years Oscar winner Green Book was written by Peter Farrelly. I knew the name the Farrelly brothers from a few of their films. I knew them as the guys behind some successful comedies that seemed generally more intelligent than your average laugh. Let’s be honest There’s Something About Mary is a classic and Dumb and Dumber solidified Jim Carrey and a mega star. If you like the movies or not those two films are bigger than Hollywood they became part of American pop culture. Then I saw Peter Farrelly on a television show Project Green Light. He offered a lot of help to a fledgling film maker. I was impressed. I even wished I could work with someone like that who had experience and drive and heart to help a newcomer succeed. Of course they never do and it’s my guess because the goal is to create interesting reality TV not launch careers or produce a box office hit.

So when I heard about Green Book it was no shock to me that Peter Farrelly put together a film that wasn’t slap stick but rather quality cinema that would go on to get an Oscar nomination and win. The film had a $20 million dollar budget and was shoot over 35 days. It’s a road trip film so it had a ton of location. Complicating things more it is set in 1962 so there was a ton of art direction in a short time with a lot of locations. Doesn’t sound like fun to me. My take is that it only ¬†worked because you had two amazing actors in most of the film and an experienced guy like Farrelly. It ¬†goes to show you how important a great story is to making a movie. My main question is how many actual locations where used in the film.