The Irishman

Two Thumbs up (I’m biased) Overall Score – 94 out of 100 ( 9 out of 10) I love movies and I have always particularly loved mafia stuff. This is a lot like a sequel to Goodfellas. It’s the same kind of movie just telling the story of different mafia characters. From the moment this […]

Sweet Caroline

Today major league baseball played the first ever professional game in England. It was the first time American baseball had been played in Europe. What an incredible game it was? They really went all out. The stadium looked amazing. I had never seen both teams pound pitchers like that. I wonder if they will come […]

Green Book

This years Oscar winner Green Book was written by Peter Farrelly. I knew the name the Farrelly brothers from a few of their films. I knew them as the guys behind some successful comedies that seemed generally more intelligent than your average laugh. Let’s be honest There’s Something About Mary is a classic and Dumb […]


Two of my favorite things in the world is what this blog is for. Music and Movies. I want to examine behind the scenes stories of the making of some of my favorite movies and I want to get to know bands and what it’s like in their inner circle. Who do they hang out […]